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About PJ’s Pure Air and Water

PJ’s Pure Air and Water exists because I believe my customers and their families deserve the healthiest and safest conditions possible where air and water quality are concerned.

I am a journeyman plumber, and have been in the plumbing and HVAC business since 2005. I have often been concerned about the low level of water and air quality being experienced in many homes and businesses in the Greater Edmonton area and Lakeland Region.

Besides the obvious health and comfort issues, studies show (The Battelle Study) conditions such as overly hard water can also take an expensive and unnecessary toll on home appliances and water heating equipment, resulting in inconvenient breakdowns, costly repairs and failures.

I have also seen first-hand the tremendous improvements that can be made, and I am proud to partner with long established, reputable companies such as Novo Water Conditioning and Clean Comfort Indoor Air Essentials to achieve those results.

Novo Water and their parent company, Canature Water Group, are North American leaders in water treatment engineering technology.

I invite you to experience for yourself the peace of mind of knowing you are providing the safest possible indoor environment today for yourself, and those around you, by calling today for a FREE assessment of your situation.

Jesse Jamieson

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