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Soft Water Benefits
  • Gas & electric water heaters cost up to $100/year more to operate

  • Cutting soap & cleaning product use by 50% saves as much as $90/year

  • Damage to fabric can cost as much as $200/year

  • Damage to plumbing & appliances can cost as much as $90/year

Source: Water Quality Research Foundation Battelle Institute Study (2009)

Feel The Difference of Soft Water!

  1. Spot-free and film-free dishes and glassware

  2. use 75% less soap

  3. Cleaner, brighter, softer laundry

  4. No scrum rings in sinks and tubs

  5. Soft, supple skin and silky hair


Protect Your Biggest Investments with an Appliance That Pays For Itself!

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