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Get Acquainted With Novo Iron Filtration System

Safe drinking water is a basic segment of human life, yet contamination undermines a considerable amount of our water supplies. Industrial activities, flooding sewers and naturally occurring substances can likewise debase our drinking water. Various kinds of contaminants incorporate everything from synthetic substances, pesticides, creature waste to modern waste infused into the ground. Normally occurring substances, for example, arsenic, radon, iron and fluoride, can likewise taint groundwater.

These contaminants can prompt extreme diseases, including gastrointestinal resentful, neurological issues and conceptive issues. They are particularly perilous to both young and old individuals and those with weak immune systems.

Therefore, to keep the health risks at bay, it is essential to know the type of contaminants present in our water supply and to set up the best water filtration system at home. It is proved that iron content more often found in drinking water supplies that imparts a strong metallic taste to the water and cause staining as well. It can create aesthetic problems that make the water undesirable to use at home and the bitter metallic taste makes it unpleasant to drink.

To get rid of the iron content, you can consider Novo iron filters as their iron filtration system stands out of all. They are incorporated with chemical-free iron filters that efficiently eliminate stubborn iron, manganese and sulphur from the drinking water and that too without infusing any harmful chemicals.

It utilizes a dedicated air tank to offer extreme iron removal capacity and is ideal for customers who are looking out for an efficient and low maintenance water filtration system. The system regenerates less frequently than the traditional iron filters and utilizes up to 50% less water than single tank systems. Also, it includes fiberglass pressure tanks and NSF certified electronic valve.

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