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Problem Water Solutions

465 BIF Series Iron Filter

Remove Stubborn Iron, Manganese and Sulphur Without Chemicals

  • Natural oxidation removes iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide without chemicals, air pumps or a venturi

  • Low maintenance two tank system

  • Regenerates less frequently than traditional iron filters using up to 50% less water than manganese greensand filters

  • NSF Certified electronic control valve

  • NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tanks

  • Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter with Day Override, Vacationand Calendar Clock mode

Novoclear 485 HTO Water Softener & Carbon Filter

Rid your water of hardness & bad tastes and odor caused by chlorine, chloramines or organic matter

The unique two tank system keeps the two media beds separate and allows for more carbon contact improving chlorine, chloramines and organic removal.


Because the carbon may need to be replaced before the softening resin, the two tank system allows for replacement without having to change the resin bed unlike many traditional mixed bed systems. Same benefit as separate systems but with cost of only one control valve.

Novo NRV Whole House Carbon Filter

Novo NRV (Non-Regenerating Valve) Whole House Carbon Filter

Economical Reduction of Chlorine, Chloramines and Other Bad Taste & Odors Once water arrives safely at your home there is no further need for disinfectants.


In fact they are undesirable! Disinfectants cause taste and bad odor, dry skin, damage plumbing, and can produce potentially harmful by-products.

Genesis H20 Ultraviolet Disinfection

UV technology provides additional security for your water supply. It is proven to control microbiological (bacteria & virus) issues in water including E.coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia Lamblia without the use of chemicals.

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