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Types of Water

Types of Water in Your Home

1. Working Water

Working water is used for bathing, laundry, washing clothes and cleaning. Optimal working water is free of:

  • Hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium)

  • Iron, sulfur, manganese, tannins (organic color) or suspended materials such as sand and silt

  • Taste & odor from chlorine (chlorine may be necessary to get water safely to your home but it is undesirable to ingest or breathe in

  • pH imbalances that can lead to acidic, corrosive water

2. Drinking Water

Drinking water is perhaps the most important type of water because we ingest it. It also requires the most amount of treatment to ensure we have the best quality of healthy, clean great tasting water.

With aging infrastructure, municipalities can not always ensure the safety of your water as the number of boil water orders is significant.


When it comes to improving the water in your home it is helpful to classify your water into two categories. Each category has a different purpose and required level of water conditioning:

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